Supercharge your Conversion Rates with a ZipTarget Analysis

For just $99, improve your conversion rate and lower ad spend by targeting the best zip codes for your campaigns on Google, Facebook, email, and direct marketing. Identify the right areas and avoid the money wasters. Here’s how it works.

Nice to Meet You, Partner

No one knows your customers better than you do. And since 2009, I’ve helped over 12,695 businesses like yours with demographic insights. We'll combine your customer knowledge with my data expertise.

Step 1. Identify Promising Demographics

We’ll start with a 15-minute phone conversation to identify the most promising demographics for your best customers. For B2C businesses, this might include median income, while B2B businesses might consider industry-specific business counts.

Step 2. Share Your Sales Data

Next, you’ll provide your sales data by zip code, easily exported from your payment provider like Stripe or your sales platform like Shopify. Feel free to anonymize the data as needed – I only need the zips, number of sales, and sales amounts.

Step 3. Analyze and Discover

In 1 business day, I’ll analyze your data to uncover what makes your top zip codes perform well. You’ll receive a list of your best zip codes (Tier 1 Zips), along with additional zip codes that are demographically similar and worth testing for potential high performance (Tier 2 Zips).

Step 4. Profit

My favorite step. You'll target your Tier 1 Zips in your marketing campaigns and experiment with your Tier 2 Zips, seeing your conversion rates improve while avoiding wasting money on unproductive zip codes.

My Own Journey: From Loss to Profit

In February, my long-profitable PPC campaign faced a stark reality—a $289 loss in just one month. It was a wake-up call. Relying on Google's data wasn't enough. I turned to the most reliable sources I had—my own sales data. Each Shopify sale provided a zip code, a tiny piece of data that turned out to be a goldmine.

I developed a unique tool that integrates my own sales data with detailed business demographics. The result? A laser-focused approach that targets only the most profitable zip codes. The shift was dramatic. What was once a failing campaign turned into a $2,341 profit within 30 days, while also cutting ad spend by $200.

Ready to transform your marketing campaigns?

For just $99, you can get started today. Let's get you the data you need to improve your conversion rates.

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