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Current, Easy-to-Use Demographic Data, Instantly at Your Fingertips

Short-circuit hours of searching. We data nerds have hand-crafted reports and spreadsheets that are ready to be plugged in and get you to "aha!" faster.

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Kristen, Co-founder

12,695 Businesses Launch and Expand Using Our Data.

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“There are still a few companies that know how to show genuine customer service. Cubit goes way over the top. I have never known a company so ready and willing to do whatever they can to make the data work. When they ask if there is anything else they can provide, I believe it's not just to make more money, but to make sure you are completely satisfied with their product.” Tim Kroeker / TLC Engineering

Exit the Deep, Dark Internet Rabbit Hole of Data.

Frustrated by spending hours and hours searching for the demographic data that you need? Since 2009, we've helped 12,695 businesses avoid the nightmare of cobbling together spreadsheets with iffy numbers and skip to the fun part — making data-driven decisions that grow their businesses.

Business Owners

Business Owners

Expand your business by opening your new location in the right place with radius reports. Small business owners also use spreadsheet reports for ad targeting, projecting demand, securing funding, gauging the viability of businesses they want to purchase, and leading their sales reps in the right direction. Get the data you need to make decisions for your business now.



When your clients demand lots of detailed information for making decisions around ad spend, media planning, strategic decisions, and opening new stores, our ready-to-go spreadsheet reports and radius reports help you make your case. Stop sifting through data and focus on the analysis, presentation, and adding that touch of gloss that your clients love.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Pros

Brokers and realtors include radius reports in their commercial listings, attracting tenants to their spaces. Developers use these same reports to both evaluate deals and share with lenders to secure funding fast. When researching good areas for real estate investing and business opportunities, developers save time with spreadsheet reports to help them build their cases.

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“The data arrived so fast it almost threw me out of my chair. I was able to finish my work. It was quick & easy.” Radius Report client

Discover the Right Location with the Right Demographics.

Weed out low converting areas so you can spend your time and money on primary-interest, largest-opportunity markets.

Opening Locations

Opening Locations

Determine the ideal location before signing that contract with a radius report. Make sure there’s ample room for growth as you analyze areas for expansion or efficiently target communities that are strong matches with a spreadsheet of data. Our clients say they seamlessly incorporate our data with their own data to “build the perfect dataset.”

Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing

Improve your conversion rate and lower ad spend by narrowing down to the best zip codes for your campaigns in Google, Facebook, email, and direct marketing. Kick out just the right zips, skipping the money wasters with an Income By Zip Code report. Our clients who use this data for targeted marketing say “it really works.”

Business Plans

Business Plans

Analyze current and complete data in a spreadsheet to determine viability and growth potential. Easily add a radius report to your business plan, market analysis, or presentation. Our clients say that we offer the best data they can get short of full-blown, expensive feasibility studies.

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“After trying to download the data from, I found you guys and thought this is too good to be true.” Spreadsheet Report client

Exactly What You Need, Right When You Need It.

If you’re as data-savvy as most of our other clients, sure, you could extract this data from and other datasets yourself. But do you really want to spend your weekend looking this stuff up? It’s much easier to use our nicely formatted, instantly downloadable reports and datasets rather than digging it all out yourself. Save yourself the pain and use your data skills to craft a compelling story or identify the right markets.

Be Confident in Your Data

You want recent and trustworthy data that just makes sense. And we're here to back you up.

Save An Absolute Ton of Time

Smooth ordering. Prompt delivery. Clear reports. Straightforward datasets.

Make Good Money and Look Good Doing It

Improve your conversion rate. Zero in on your bread-and-butter markets. Impress your boss, partners, or lenders.

Current, Useful & Reliable Data Only


Radius Report on an iPad

Radius Reports

Get current Census demographics for radius rings around a location — which you can’t do on

  • Instant delivery
  • Understandable at first glance
  • Drop-in ready PDF & Excel™ files
  • No subscription required!
Spreadsheet Report on an iPad

Spreadsheet Reports

Identify the right zips, cities, or counties with comprehensive, intuitive spreadsheets of Census demographics.

  • Instant download
  • Ready for you to dig into, sort, filter, or merge with internal data
  • Pretty & super-handy Excel™ files
  • No subscription required!


Kristen holding a laptop with a spreadsheet

Custom Datasets

Customized datasets that go beyond basic demographics. Easy to join with your internal data to deliver super-charged insights. Hand off to analysts or developers. So thorough, so awesome.

  • 3 business-day turnaround
  • Suggestions about the most helpful data to answer your questions
  • Your choice of plug & play ready formats: Excel™, .csv, .sql, etc.
  • A data review phone call with Kristen (co-founder)
Kristen holding a laptop with a sample map

Flashy, Interactive Maps

The right market is going to jump off the map and grab you. Your team will stop checking Facebook and start talking about locations. Perfect for presentations.

  • 4 business-day turnaround
  • Suggestions about the most helpful data to answer your questions
  • 1 year of hosting & support
  • Kristen (co-founder) will teach you how to use your map

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“I'm spinning my wheels here. Your data are WAY easier. I should have done this, like, a week and a half ago. The information I purchased was very easy to use and understandable.” Radius Report client

Kristen Carney and Anthony Morales, co-Founders



Co-founders of Cubit
Homegrown in Austin, Texas

We Speak Your Language, Data-Driven Business Solutions, Just with a Texas Twang.

Running a successful small business is freaking hard. We know because, since 2009, we’ve been helping businesses succeed by providing current, easy-to-use demographic data quickly for site selection, targeted marketing, and business planning. We save our clients hours of grunt work and let them focus on building their businesses rather than building spreadsheets. If what we have to say resonates with you, hopefully, this is the beginning of a good relationship.


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