Confidently Choose the Best Locations with a Site Selection Analysis

For just $999, you and I will work together to identify the best sites for your new store. I’ll help you avoid unprofitable areas and sleep better at night knowing you’re deciding based on the best available data. Here's how it works.

A Trusted Partner in Your Corner

No one knows your customers better than you do. And since 2009, I’ve helped over 12,695 businesses like yours with demographic insights. We'll combine your customer knowledge with my data expertise.

Step 1. Identify Promising Demographics

We’ll start with a 15-minute phone conversation about where you are thinking of opening your next store and to identify the most promising demographics for your best customers (e.g. median income, population density or industry-specific business counts).

Step 2. Share Your Location and Sales Data

Next, you’ll send me the addresses of your current locations and an indicator of sales (best, second best, etc.) as well as the addresses of any potential locations you are considering.

Step 3. Analyze and Discover

In 3 business days, I’ll analyze your data to uncover the demographic or business trends that drive the performance of your best locations. Then we’ll build you a custom, interactive map showing exactly where your target market is. Each map is different, but maps typically include demographics, competitors, real estate data and traffic. Plus, I’ll show you how to use your map to make the right locations jump off it.

Step 4. Data to Answer Your Questions

Usually, the map inspires both you and me to ask unanticipated questions like “how often DO consumers eat out before or after grocery shopping?” For the next 5 business days, we’ll check in once a day and you’ll get any data we can find that answers these questions. At the end of this week and a half, you’ll be confident that you have the best data available to pick the right location.

Ready to discover your next most profitable location?

For just $999, you can get started today, and I’ll be with you the entire way.

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