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Citations for Population Projections Add-On Vintage: Current

Applies to County Population Projections Add-on purchased February 9, 2024 to today.

United States

U.S. Census Bureau. 2023 National Population Projections Tables: Main Series, October 2023.


U.S. Census Bureau and Center for Business and Economic Research, The University of Alabama, April 2018.


Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Research and Analysis Section, June 2022.


Arizona State and County Population Projections, 2022-2060, December 2022.


UALR Arkansas Economic Development Institute, Demographic Research, County Population Projections 2014‐2065 for Arkansas: Time Series Extrapolations. 2019.


State of California, Department of Finance, State and County Population Projections 2010 - 2060, September 2020.


Preliminary Population Forecasts for Colorado Counties, 2000 - 2050, State Demography Office, Department of Local Affairs, October 2022.


"We calculated historical and projected populations by adding the data for the county subdivisions inside the new (2022) Connecticut counties.
Source: Connecticut State Data Center at the University of Connecticut. 2015-2040 Connecticut Town Population Projections - August 31, 2017. Retrieved from"


Delaware Population Consortium, Annual Population Projections. October 2022.

District of Columbia

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Round 9.2 Growth Trends to 2045 Cooperative Forecasting, June 2022.


Florida Demographic Estimating Conference, December 2021 and the University of Florida, Bureau of Economic and Business Research, Florida Population Studies, Volume 55, Bulletin 192, February 2022.


State of Georgia, Governor's Office of Planning and Budget, December 2021 Series, Georgia's County Residential Population Projections, 2020-2060. 2021.


Hawaii State Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, Population and Economic Projections for the State of Hawaii to 2045 - DBEDT 2045 Series, Table 1.24 (June 2018) .


Idaho Department of Labor, Public Affairs Bureau, 2020.


Illinois Department of Public Health, Office of Policy, Planning and Statistics, Population Projections for Illinois Counties: 2010 to 2030. April 2021.


Indiana Business Research Center, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, Indiana State and County Population Projections, 2015 to 2050, 2018.


The population projections for Iowa Counties prohibit reproduction and are available here.


Wichita State University, Center for Economic Development and Business Research, (accessed June 21, 2021).


Kentucky State Data Center, University of Louisville, Population and Household Projections 2020-2050, August 2022.


State of Louisiana, Division of Administration, Population Projections of Louisiana Parishes through 2030, 2008.


State of Maine, Department of Administrative and Financial Services, Maine Population Outlook to 2040, April 2023.


Maryland Department of Planning, Projections and State Data Center, December 2022.


UMass Donahue Institute Vintage 2018 Population Projections. September 2018.


Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget, Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives, Michigan Population Projections by County through 2045, September 2019.


Minnesota State Demographic Center, Long-Term Population Projections for Minnesota, October 2020.


COUNTY AND STATE POPULATION PROJECTIONS FOR MISSISSIPPI, 2020 – 2050, The State Data Center of Mississippi, July 31, 2019.


Missouri Office of Administration, Division of Budget & Planning, Population Projections by County, Age, and Sex: 2000 to 2030. 2008.


MT Department of Commerce, Census & Economic Information Center, Montana County Population Projections - Total Population 2001-2080. 2020.


Population Projections for Nebraska Counties, Center for Public Affairs Research, UNO, December 2022.


Nevada Department of Taxation, Nevada County Population Projections 2022 to 2041, October 2022.

New Hampshire

Prepared for the State of New Hampshire Regional Planning Commissions by RLS Demographics, Inc. State, County, and Municipal Population Projections: 2020-2050. September 2022.

New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Economic and Demographic Research, Projections of Total Population by County: New Jersey, 2014 to 2034.

New Mexico

University of New Mexico. GeoSpatial and Population Studies, Population Projections, 2020.

New York

Cornell University, Program on Applied Demographics, New York State and County Population Projections by Age and Sex, 2018.

North Carolina

Prepared for the State of New Hampshire Regional Planning Commissions by RLS Demographics, Inc. State, County, and Municipal Population Projections: 2020-2050. September 2022.

North Dakota

North Dakota Department of Commerce – Census Office, Population Projections of the State, Regions and Counties 2016, January 2016.


Ohio Development Services Agency, Population Characteristics and Projections 2010 to 2050. April 2018.


Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Policy, Research and Economic Analysis Division, 2012 DEMOGRAPHIC STATE OF THE STATE REPORT, OKLAHOMA STATE AND COUNTY POPULATION PROJECTIONS THROUGH 2075. 2012.


The citation for all Oregon counties except Multnomah County is: Population Research Center, Portland State University, June 2022. The citation for Multnomah County is: Population Research Center, Portland State University, June 30, 2019.


Pennsylvania State Data Center, Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg, State and County Population Projections by Age and Gender, Pennsylvania: 2010 to 2040, 2014.

Puerto Rico

There are no population projections available for Puerto Rico.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Statewide Planning Program, Rhode Island Moving Forward 2040: Long-Range Transportation Plan. April 2018.

South Carolina

South Carolina Department of Revenue and Fiscal Affairs - Health and Demographics Section, Population Estimates from 2010-2015 and Population Projections from 2020-2035. September 2021.

South Dakota

South Dakota State University, Census Data Center, Preliminary Population Projections for the State of South Dakota and all of its counties. 2012.


University of Tennessee, Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research, Tennessee Population Projections for 2021-2070. February 2022.


Texas Demographic Center, Projections of the Total Population of Texas and Counties in Texas, 2020-2060, October 2022.


University of Utah Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. State and County Projections 2020-2060, January 2022.


State of Vermont, Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Vermont Population Projections – 2010 - 2030. August, 2013.


University of Virginia, Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, Demographics Research Group, July 2022.


Washington Office of Financial Management, Washington State Growth Management Act population projections for counties: 2020 to 2050, 2022.

West Virginia

West Virginia University, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Population Projections by Counties 2000-2030, summary table, 2017.


Demographic Services Center, Division of Intergovernmental Relations, Department of Administration, State of Wisconsin, County Age-Sex Population Projections, 2010 - 2040, Final Release. 2013.


Wyoming Department of Administration & Information, Economic Analysis Division (, Population for Wyoming, Counties, Cities, and Towns: 2010 to 2040, August 2019.

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