Is your mind boggled by all the demographic data out there?

As data nerds, we provide actionable, useful demographics for your small business.

Start Making Sense of Your Data

7,889 businesses put their data needs in Cubit's hands.

There are still a few companies that know how to show genuine customer service. Cubit goes way over the top. I have never known a company so ready and willing to do whatever they can to make the data work. When they ask if there is anything else they can provide, I believe it`s not just to make more money, but to make sure you are completely satisfied with their product. Tim Kroeker / TLC Engineering

I don’t know what I don’t know about business demographics.”

You aren't alone in being overwhelmed by data. Main branches of the United States government collect & distribute free demographic & economic data. Private companies & business associations sell data specific to your industry. You’ll sleep better at night when you have hand-picked data from more than 50 sources that backs up your business decisions.

50+ US Government Databases
Multiple Private Databases

Get the most current & popular data available – like population, race, sex, age, income & real estate. You can get data for tiny areas like city blocks & neighborhoods to large areas like the entire US.

Doing research? Check out a list of just our 50 most popular data sources. Why only 50? Honestly, the complete list is a bit overwhelming.

Get your data questions answered via the Custom Data Request Form.

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Your Business is Unique.
Why is Your Data Generic?

Maybe you’re a visual person, and you want to make decisions using maps. Or maybe you love numbers, and you want raw data in Excel™ to analyze. Either way, you’ll enjoy talking to us data nerds about your business and having a tailor-made solution that fits you just right.

Build Your Business,
Not Spreadsheets

Sure, as a savvy business owner, you could spend 40+ hours on and find some demographic data. Or you could hire Cubit with our 36+ years of experience and proprietary data wrangling technology to research, recommend, download, format, analyze, visualize, map & cite the data you need. You’ll be free to focus on your business rather than on spreadsheets.

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Custom Data

Tell us what you need. Get data suggestions & a risk-free,
no obligation quote.

Most popular option.


Visualize your data with a custom, online map. Helpful for site selection for new business locations.

Radius Reports

Customized report about the people surrounding your business in 1 business day. Perfect for your business plan.

About Cubit

Cubit is a concierge service for demographic data. But you can think of us as the data nerds. Learn more.

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